Key Race Reports

The purpose of this report is to add another tool to your handicapping quiver by identifying horses exiting a key race, or simply put: a well-run and competitive race which produced one or more next-out winners. While not the only or most important method of handicapping, examining the results chart of a key race can be useful in identifying patterns and helping us bettors make an educated guess how a certain horse may run today. Maybe we’ll take an extra look at a horse we’d otherwise toss.

So far we’ve compiled data from a couple months’ worth of races at Santa Anita, so hopefully we’ll start to smoke out some helpful trends the more we sift through this stuff. In the meantime, we hope this helps your handicapping.


P.S. If you win and are feeling generous, maybe throw a buck or two our way so we can keep these reports flowin’!

    Running Statistics

    Here are some quick statistics we’ve gathered since our first Key Race Report rolled out on May 24th.

    Number of races which include horses exiting Key Races: 96

    • Wins: 46
    • Place: 37
    • Show: 41

    Average ROI per $2 bet:

    • Win: $0.86
    • Place: $0.77
    • Show: $0.30