About Us

Overlay is a social organization which champions fast horses, stiff drinks, and good times. Founded in 2012 in the paddock bar at Fair Grounds Racetrack in New Orleans, the Overlay Racing and Social Club (“ORC” for short) is an escape from the draining commotion of everyday city life. Between club sanctioned events, casual get-togethers, and the riveting commentary on the website, ORC has a little something to keep everyone occupied.

ORC members come from all walks of life and professions each contributing in different ways. For instance, we have a bevy of in-house racing handicappers and racehorse owners, a professional chef, a tattoo artist, a fluent Japanese speaker, a video game developer, and one boring lawyer.

We try to keep our website up to date with fresh content for the reader’s enjoyment. If you would like to join the club as an official member, we’d love to have you on board. If you do end up joining and turn out to be just horrible, I will not hesitate to cast you off and keep your dues to buy booze at the next ORC event.

Our Foundation of Choice

United Pegasus Foundation

Located in Tehachapi, Calif, UPF is one of the largest thoroughbred retirement farms in the state. Over the years, hundreds of horses have been rescued and rehabilitated at UPF and have enjoyed living out their retirement years in comfort. Coincidentally, one of our favorite childhood horses, Patriotaki, lives on this farm and just celebrated his 30th birthday!

Annual operating costs for the farm exceed $350,000, making every grant, fundraiser, and donation count. So with this in mind, we have started to collect donations at all of our ORC events which go directly to United Pegasus. A little goes a long way — $20 will buy a bale of hay.

If you are interested in making a tax-deductable donation to UPF, click this link to their website or send a check to:

United Pegasus Foundation, P.O. Box 535, San Jacinto, CA 92581